How Many Stitches Are on a Softball?

Darryl Hill Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

As of 2014, a regulation softball has at least 88 stitches. Almost 90 inches of red waxed thread are used to sew on the cover. Most softballs measure 12 or 11 inches around and weigh approximately 6 ounces or slightly less depending on the size of the ball.

In comparison baseballs feature 108 double stitches, or 216 stitches overall. The first and last stitches cannot be seen, and all the stitching is done by hand.

Premium-grade softballs are made with a polyurethane-laminated leather cover and a high-grade poly core.

Wilson is a popular softball manufacturer, while Worth, Easton, MIKEN and Louisville are top brand names for softball bats.