How Many Slices of Pizza Are in a 14-Inch Pizza?

Shannon Fagan/Stone/Getty Images

There are eight slices in a 14-inch pizza. According to Pizza Hut, a top pizza chain, one slice is 1/8 of a standard 14-inch large pizza. This number is subject to change depending on the pizza.

Cutting a pizza into eight slices is partially a matter of efficiency. Only four total cuts are required, which means that the pizza can be boxed faster. Customers may make special requests regarding how their pizzas are cut, however. The number of slices can be doubled to produce 16 smaller slices by halving each slice when it is cut, or the number of slices can be halved by making only two initial cuts to produce four large slices. Customers may also request that a pizza be cut in squares or to not have their pizza cut at all.