How Many Slices Are in a Little Caesar’s Pizza?


Little Caesar’s was first founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1959. The restaurant opened as a single family-owned business and today is the third-largest pizza restaurant in the world. The company operates in 24 countries and territories around the globe, including every one of the 50 United States.

While Little Caesar’s has different pizzas on its menu, each option is served with 8 slices. The most popular pizzas available include the Hot-N-Ready and the Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza. The original pizzas are served with triangular slices while the deep dish pizzas are square. The personal pizza offered on Little Caesar’s menu is a smaller version of its larger pizzas and is cut into four smaller slices.

History of Pizza

Around 600 B.C. in a Greek Settlement known as Naples, Italy, a dish similar to what is now known as pizza was reportedly served in homes of the working poor. These dishes were said to be flatbreads topped with olive oil and herbs, cooked in stone ovens. They were inexpensive and quick to make.

In 1522, tomatoes were brought from Peru to Europe. Originally considered a poisonous food, tomatoes were added to the diet of the poorer people in Naples. They used them to make the rich sauce served on the flatbread dishes to create a more filling meal.

Pizza made its way to America in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi opened a pizza restaurant in New York City. The dish became popular among the local residents. However, the pizza didn’t become an American dietary staple until the 1950s. Proving its popularity today, pizza was the first item ever sold on the internet.

Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Pizza is one of the go-to options when it comes to dinner. With so many topping choices, there’s no limit to the pizza that can be crafted. However, when surveying top pizza shops around the United States and Canada, there are some stand-out options. Here are the top 10 most popular pizza toppings according to the Huffington Post.

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Onions
  4. Sausage
  5. Bacon
  6. Extra cheese
  7. Black olives 
  8. Green peppers
  9. Pineapple
  10. Spinach

The most controversial question concerning pizza toppings is whether or not pineapple belongs on this dish. With ham and pineapple pizza being the third-most-requested combination in pizzas ordered the answer is clear for many people. When it comes to split pizza toppings, the two ingredients people often request to be separated are green peppers and pineapple.

Types of Pizza

Pizza has evolved tremendously throughout the ages. While most people enjoy this dish because it’s fun and can please a crowd of many, there are others that keep their creation upscale. In fact, in Salerno, Italy, there’s a pizza that costs approximately $12,000 that’s known as “the Louis XIII.” Topped with caviar, lobster and cilantro, it’s the most expensive pizza sold in the world.

The basic mozzarella cheese pizza accounts for as much as 80% of the dishes ordered around the United States. This dish is enjoyed by 93% of Americans every week.

The white sauce pizza is an alternative to the basic tomato sauce-topped pizza. The white sauce is actually Alfredo sauce and pairs well with chicken and broccoli. Other topping options for this type of dish include onions, green peppers and hot peppers.

Dessert pizzas are becoming quite popular around the world. The standard pizza dough crust is often used as the base for dessert pizzas. Toppings include apple, cherry, pineapple, cinnamon and sugar, as well as chocolate for most types of these pizzas. Sauces are drizzled onto the dessert dish or served as a dipping option.

Pizza Trivia

  • An estimated 94% of American consume pizza regularly.
  • Pizzerias receive the most orders on Saturday evenings.
  • Pepperoni is requested as the main ingredient for 36% of all pizza orders.
  • The average American eats 46 slices of pizza each year.
  • Some gourmet pizza toppings from around the world include oysters, eggplant, dandelions, sprouts, Cajun shrimp and tuna.
  • There are 36% of Americans that consider pizza to be a standard breakfast food. 
  • The most popular size of pizza is 14 inches.