How Many Sit-Ups Do I Need to Do in One Month to Get a Six-Pack?

Matt Dutile/Image Source/Getty Images

Men’s Fitness magazine says that doing sit-ups and endless numbers of crunches does not produce a six-pack look. Men’s Health magazine provides a plan to achieve a six-pack look in 4 weeks, but sit-ups are not recommended as one of the exercises to use to obtain a six-pack look. Muscle & Strength says that reducing body fat, not doing abdominal muscle exercises, is the key to acquiring a six-pack look.

As Men’s Fitness explains, everyone has a six-pack; in most people, it just isn’t visible because it is hidden under a layer of body fat. Diet and nutrition are the key to revealing the six-pack. Men’s Fitness suggests doing high-intensity interval training exercise to burn off calories, and it also suggests cutting bread, pasta, soda and beer from the diet. Muscle & Strength says that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. The body fat needs to be reduced to around 6 percent to reveal the six-pack look in men.

Men’s Health magazine’s program to get a six-pack look in 4 weeks emphasizes a strict diet as the key to revealing the abdominal muscles. The suggested exercises, which do not include sit-ups, include a number of full-body compound exercises that burn off a lot of calories. The routine also requires aerobic exercise to burn off even more calories.