How Many Scoops of Coffee Do You Put in a Bunn 12-Cup Coffee Maker?

For a Bunn 12-cup coffee maker, and other traditional auto drip coffee makers, use roughly 9 level tablespoons of coffee for a full pot. With automatic drip machines, like other coffee machines, use slightly more or less coffee, depending on the preferred coffee strength. Although automatic coffee machines have 12-cup pots, they usually yield a maximum of roughly 7 cups of coffee in a 9-ounce mug.

Variations in coffee ratios and production differ among coffee machines. A 12-cup French press machine, for instance, uses roughly 10 ounces of coffee for a full pot. This yields slightly more than 5 standard cups. In addition to proper ratios, users should pay attention to bean coarseness. French press machines require coarse grounds to prevent flakes from entering mugs while automatic machines do well with finer grounds.