How Many Sandwiches Will a Loaf of Bread Make?

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A standard loaf of sliced sandwich bread contains about 22 to 24 slices of bread and can be used to make approximately 11 to 12 sandwiches. A standard loaf can make seven club sandwiches, which use three slices of bread each.

The number of slices of bread per loaf depends on the type of bread and the manufacturer. Loafs of Texas toast, wheat bread and wholegrain bread typically contain 16 to 18 slices of bread, which can be used to make eight or nine sandwiches. Sandwich-sliced bread loaves typically contain 20 to 24 slices of bread. Thin-sliced loaves may contain more slices. The end pieces, or crusts, are often discarded but can be used to make sandwiches, depending on personal preference.