How Many Rows of Seats Are on a School Bus?

Visions of America / Contributor/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

A conventional school bus has 13 rows of seats on each side. However, the number of rows of seats is determined by the type of vehicle being used.

School bus manufacturers determine the maximum seating capacity of each school bus. They base the calculation according to the federal standard size of a school bus seat, which is 39 inches. Along with the calculation, the number of emergency exits and the type of school bus is also considered. The Type A school bus is much smaller and designed for kids with special needs. Type C is the conventional school bus often used and seats 72 primary school students or 41 high school students. They have 13 rows of seats on both sides with a 16-inch gap between rows. Type D school buses, which are longer versions of the Type C school bus, have 15 or more rows of two-seaters.