How Many Questions Are on the F Endorsement Driving Test in Tennessee?

The knowledge test to obtain a Class D license with F endorsement (for-hire endorsement) is a 25 question multiple choice test. The Tennessee Department of Safety suggests that drivers prepare by studying the Comprehensive Driver License Manual which may be downloaded from their website.

The Tennessee Department of Safety states that a for-hire endorsement is required if a person operates a Class D (non commercial) vehicle in their job to transport people or property. It is not required for commercial vehicles since they must have a commercial drivers license (CDL). Examples of jobs which require a for-hire endorsement include pizza or floral delivery drivers or ambulance drivers.

Additional requirements for obtaining a for-hire endorsement require the driver to meet eligibility requirements including being 18 years of age (or 16 years old only if the applicant is hired to drive for a family owned business), have two years of unrestricted driving experience, and have no challenges to their moral character or fitness to perform the job. In addition to the knowledge test, drivers must pass a vision test and pay and additional fee of $4.50.