How Many NFL Teams Have Animal Mascots?

According to Bleacher Report, 20 National Football League teams have animal mascots. Of the other 12 NFL teams, seven have human mascots and five have no official mascot at all.

The list of animal mascots includes Baltimore’s Poe (a raven), Buffalo’s Billy Buffalo, Cincinnati’s Who Dey (a tiger), Cleveland’s Chomps (a dog), Denver’s Miles (a horse), Houston’s Toro (a bull), Indianapolis’ Blue (a horse), Jacksonville’s Jaxson de Ville (a jaguar), Kansas City’s K.C. Wolf, Miami’s T.D. (a dolphin), Tennessee’s T-Rac (a raccoon), Arizona’s Big Red (a cardinal), Atlanta’s Freddie Falcon, Carolina’s Sir Purr (a panther), Chicago’s Staley Da Bear, Detroit’s Roary (a lion), New Orleans’ Gumbo (a dog), Philadelphia’s Swoop (an eagle), St. Louis’ Rampage (a ram) and Seattle’s Blitz (a bird).