How many men are in the world?


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As of 2014, there is currently an estimated male population of 3,477,829,638 on planet Earth. This is higher than the population of females, which is estimated to be 3,439,427,037.

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The population of adult males can be broken down into age ranges. As of 2014, from 15 to 24 years of age, there are 613,806,639 men in the world. From ages 25 to 54, there are 1,478,739,525 men. From ages 55 to 64, there are 298,092,946 men. Men ages 65 years and over have a population of 265,453,689.

There are more males born per year, and the adult male population globally is higher than the adult female population. However, male life expectancy is lower, meaning that in the age group of 55 years and up, the female population is higher than that of adult males.

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