How Many Levels Are in Bubble Trouble?

The original Bubble Trouble game has 17 levels. Newer versions of the game exist, which expand on the number of levels up to 21.

Some players have posted strategy guides and cheat codes onto GamesRadar to allow them to advance to the later levels. The game is notorious for its increased difficulty in the later stages.

Bubble Trouble was originally released in 1996 by Ambrosia Software for Macintosh computers. Bubble Trouble X is the title of an updated version of the game that was released in 2002. This version also contains a level editor that allows players to design their own custom levels. The game is modifiable, which means that fans have created their own versions and distributed them online.

Bubble Trouble is also the title of a flash game available through the online free games website Miniclip. The game features similar gameplay to the original game, but it uses an online leader board.