How Many Inches Are in the Waist of a Pair of Size-5 Women’s Pants?

Maria Morri/CC-BY-2.0

Women’s and misses sizes come in even numbers, while odd numbers are used for junior sizes. Because of this distinction, there are technically no size 5 women’s pants. As of 2014, the waist measurements for a pair of misses size 4 pants is 25.5 to 26 inches, while a size 6 is 26.5 to 27 inches. Size 5 junior pants measure 27 to 27.5 inches around the waist.

Women’s size, also known as plus size, typically refers to clothing designed for curvier women of average height, size 14 and higher. Misses size refers to clothing designed for women of average height with a typical hourglass figure. These sizes can range from 0 to 20 or 4 to 14 depending on the manufacturer.

Women’s sizes typically vary because there is no standardization between sizes and measurements. Because of this, clothing labeled as a size 4 or 6 is often listed as a different size through another manufacturer’s label. However, these measurements typically change over time and often vary by manufacturer. Vintage clothing sizes also vary because the average size and shape of the female form has changed. In 1941 the average woman measured 5 feet 2 inches and weighed approximately 129 pounds. As of 2014, the average woman measures 5 feet 4 inches and weighs approximately 144 pounds.