How Many Grapes Are in a Pound?

Assuming that the average grape weighs between 0.17 and 0.20 ounces, there are 80 to 94 individual fruits in a pound of grapes, without counting the weight of the stems. The actual weight of that quantity of grapes varies based upon the specific kind of grape and ripeness.

For example, the Himrod, a breed of seedless table grapes, has fruits that have an average weight of 2.1 grams or 0.07 ounces. A pound of Himrod grapes contains 228 individual fruits. The Saturn, a seedless breed that is used for wine production, has grapes that, on average, weigh 3 grams or 0.10 ounces. There are 160 individual grapes in a pound of Saturn grapes, not counting the weight of the stems. Seedless grapes weigh less on average than similar-sized grapes that contain seeds.