How Many Drops Are in a Teaspoon?

Julie Magro/CC-BY-2.0

If using a standard dropper where 20 drops equal 1 milliliter, approximately 98 drops fit into a U.S. teaspoon. The number of drops can be more or less depending on the size of the dropper.

The number of drops that can fit into a teaspoon depend on the size of the dropper and the volume that the teaspoon can hoId. For a standard-sized drop of 1/20 of a milliliter volume, 98 drops can fit into a standard U.S. teaspoon of 4.93 milliliters. Different conversion calculators, such as Unit Conversion and Conversion Metric, have different estimates on the number of drops that can fit into a teaspoon, depending on the assumed volume of a single drop. The latter source estimates 76 drops per teaspoon, whereas the former estimates 98.5 drops equal 1 teaspoon. Both sources assume 1 teaspoon holds 4.93 cubic centimeters of volume.