How Many Different Ways Can You Make 28 Cents?

There are 13 different ways to make 28 cents using United States coins. As of June 2014, the only coins eligible to be used in making 28 cents are quarters, dimes, pennies and nickels, because these are the only coins less than or equal to 28 cents.

The combination requiring the most coins is 28 pennies, and the one using the least number of coins is one quarter and three pennies. Possible combinations in which dimes are used are one dime and 18 pennies; one dime, one nickel and 13 pennies; one dime, two nickels and eight pennies; one dime, three nickels and three pennies; two dimes and eight pennies and two dimes, one nickel and three pennies. The other five combinations use only nickels and pennies. They are as follows: one nickel and 23 pennies, two nickels and 18 pennies, three nickels and 14 pennies, four nickels and eight pennies and five nickels and three pennies.