How Many Different Types of Campbell’s Soups Are There?

As of 2014, the Campbell Soup Company has a line of 10 different types of soups, including Condensed Soups, Chunky, Homestyle, Slow Kettle Style Soups and Healthy Request. Other soup lines under the Campbell’s umbrella include Gourmet Bisques, Microwavable Soups, Campbell’s Go Soups, Soups for Easy Cooking and Reserve Soups. Campbell’s has been making processed foods since 1869, has its headquarters in Camden, N.J. and has products that sell in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Campbell’s Condensed Soup line is its best-selling, with some of the best-known soups falling under that category. These include Chicken Noodle, Chicken With Rice, Cream of Mushroom, Old Fashioned Vegetable, Tomato and Vegetable Beef. The Condensed Soup line splits into four categories: Classic Favorites, Healthy & Delicious, Fun Favorites and Great for Cooking. As of 2014, there are 92 soups in the Condensed Soup line, but there are multiple versions of some of them. For example, with Cream of Mushroom, there is the main Cream of Mushroom soup, plus Cream of Chicken & Mushroom, Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom, Low Sodium Cream of Mushroom, 25 Percent Less Sodium Cream of Mushroom and 98 Percent Fat Free Cream of Mushroom.

Additionally, there are 77 different Chunky Soups, 24 Homestyle, 13 Slow Kettle Style Soups, four Gourmet Bisques, 35 Healthy Request Soups (of which 12 are Condensed, 13 are Chunky, six are Homestyle and four are Microwavable,) 44 Microwavable, six Campbell’s Go Soups, four Soups for Easy Cooking and six Reserve Soups.