How Many Credits Do I Need to Pass 10th Grade?

Every school system has its own unique set of standards for promotion and graduation, meaning that the number of credits needed to pass 10th grade depends on an individual system’s designated criteria. Students should check with school administrators to determine exactly how many credits are necessary to pass a particular grade.

Many school systems provide students with six class periods per day, each accounting for .5 credits per semester. By the end of 10th grade, a total of 12 credits can be earned during normal school hours. Advancement to 11th grade will depend on passing the majority of these courses. At the same time, most school systems are more focused on progress toward satisfying all coursework prescribed for graduation. In Nevada, for example, a total of 22.5 credits must be earned in a variety of subject areas. Credits are only given when passing grades are earned in various courses. Some school systems also require community service hours for promotion to the next grade in high school.