How Many Congressmen Does Each State Have?

Each U.S. state receives a number of congressmen proportional to its population. The state with the highest number of congressmen is California with 53. Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Delaware, Vermont and Alaska only have one congressman each.

Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Idaho each have two congressmen. West Virginia, New Mexico and Nebraska each have three congressmen. Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Kansas, Nevada and Utah all have four congressmen. Connecticut, Oregon and Oklahoma each have five congressmen. Kentucky and Louisiana have six congressmen, while Alabama, Colorado and South Carolina have seven. Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin and Minnesota each have eight congressmen. Arizona, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Indiana have nine congressmen. Washington has 10, and Virginia has 11. New Jersey has 12, North Carolina has 13, Georgia and Michigan have 14. Finally, Ohio has 16, Texas has 37, New York and Florida have 27, and Pennsylvania and Illinois each have 18.