How Many Chicken Wings Are in a Pound?

Lara Hata/Getty Images

The actual amount of chicken wings in 1 pound depends on several factors including wing size, which parts of the wing are included and additional coatings, such as batter, breading or sauces. Commercially produced packages may contain 4 to 5 wings per pound. A 10 pound bag of chicken wings from the grocery store contains approximately 40-50 chicken wings and feeds about 9 people.

Chicken Wings: The Facts Typically one chicken wing contains less than 1oz of meat. In restaurants, a 1-pound order of wings may contain between 7 and 12 pieces. Parts of a chicken wing include the drumette, which is the section between the shoulder and elbow, the midsection, and the tip. Chicken wings may be sold whole (including all three sections), with first and second sections only, or separately as drumettes or midsections. Chicken wings may also be sold bone-in or boneless.

Buffalo Origins Prior to the 1960s, chicken wings were considered an undesirable cut of meat and were sold for cheap in supermarkets and butcher shops. Wing meat was often used to make soup stock.

The modern-day chicken wing was invented in Buffalo, New York. After cooking chicken wings coated in hot sauce as a late-night snack, Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar, decided to add the dish to the menu in 1964. Their popularity led to the dish’s nickname: “Buffalo wings.”

As sports bars became more popular in the 1970s and 80s, consumption of chicken wings, often breaded and/or coated in hot sauce, increased. The appeal of the dish, combined with the fact that it was simple and inexpensive for bars to serve, established chicken wings as a bar food staple.

The Super Bowl Chicken wings are also known as one of the most common Super Bowl snacks. Each year, Americans eat 1.35 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday, enough to circle to Earth three times if laid end-to-end, according to the National Chicken Council’s 2018 Chicken Wing Report. The Report also found ranch dressing to be the most popular wing dipping sauce, preferred by 59 percent of Americans. Other popular dipping sauces include buffalo sauce, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, bleu cheese dressing, and honey mustard sauce.