How Many Cases of Beer Are in an Average Keg?

A standard keg of beer contains an amount equal to six full cases plus 19 additional cans of beer with a small amount remaining. The keg contains 15.5 gallons, or 1,984 ounces, of beer. Each beer in a case contains 12 ounces.

In the United States a case contains 24 cans. In Canada a case contains 12 cans. Thus, an American case contains 288 ounces of beer. The 1,984 ounces of beer contained in a keg can be split into 6.8 American cases or 13.7 Canadian cases.

A full keg of beer weighs 160.5 pounds. Kegs can be found in smaller sizes called pony kegs. A pony keg is half the size of a standard keg.