How Many Calories Are in Non-Alcoholic Beer?

The amount of calories in non-alcoholic beer will vary depending on the brand. Coors non-alcoholic beer, which actually contains 0.5 percent alcohol, contains as little as 66 calories in each 12 fluid ounce bottle according to Calorie King, while Beck’s non-alcoholic beer contains as much as 143 calories per 11 fluid ounce bottle according to FatSecret. A bottle of non-alcoholic beer is made with the same ingredients as beer, such as barley, water, hops and yeast, and goes through the same fermentation process; however, the alcohol is removed from the beer through a distillation process, and is discarded at the end, keeping the flavor of the beer intact.

It is impossible to remove all traces of alcohol through the distillation process, no matter how advanced the equipment and machinery is or how refined the process is. As a result, a small concentration of alcohol will generally still be present. This small concentration will have minimal effects on the human body. Non-alcoholic beer is healthier due to the low calories that it contains, which can be great for those who are struggling with their weight, health conditions and other medical problems. Alcohol is a diuretic that often leaves consumers feeling dehydrated.