How Many Calories Are Burned While Waitressing?

Waiting tables burns approximately 175 calories per hour, according to Fitness Blender. The calculation comes from averaging 1,500 steps taken each hour at a high-activity occupation, with a total of 12,000 steps walked in an eight-hour shift and 1,400 calories burned in that same span.

Waitresses typically lift objects such as plates and trays, and they also cover long distances during a shift. CalorieLab explains that other high-activity jobs include road building (340 calories per hour), coal mining (374 calories), farming (476 calories) and forestry (1,088 calories).

Fitness Blender notes that other high-activity jobs include workers in construction and custodians, electricians, roofers, welders, landscapers and plumbers. Calorie calculations are based on a 145-pound person.