How Many Beers Are in a 5-Liter Keg?

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A 5-liter keg yields approximately 10 pint-sized glasses of beer, which is the equivalent of about 14 12-ounce bottles. Five-liter kegs are known as mini kegs. They were designed to be an economical solution for those who like to enjoy draft beer at home.

The standard keg sizes in the United States are 1/2 keg, 1/4 keg and 1/6 keg. A 1/2 keg holds just under 59 liters of beer and yields about the equivalent of 165 12-ounce bottles of beer. A 1/4 keg holds just over 29 gallons of beer and produces the equivalent to about 82 12-ounce bottles. A 1/6 keg, which is the closest standard keg size to the mini keg, is still somewhat larger, holding about 19 liters of beer and yielding about 54 12-ounce bottles.

Kegs must be stored upright in order to distribute beer properly. If they aren’t properly stored, the beer emerges with much more foam than it would when coming out of the tap. Beer kegs should also be kept at cool temperatures since the liquid inside is not pasteurized and needs time to settle after being transported. If stored properly, the beer in a keg can stay fresh for up to 45 days.