How Many Bananas Should You Eat Per Day?

There is no specific number of bananas that an individual should eat each day. However, most health experts recommend that individuals eat no more than two bananas per day.

Bananas are a healthy choice for a balanced diet because they are high in potassium and fiber while being low in calories. According to experts at Healthline and LiveScience, the vitamins and minerals found in bananas can aid the healing process by stimulating red blood cell growth. Bananas can also decrease the risk for strokes by lowering blood pressure. They protect you against osteoporosis by increasing your body’s ability to absorb calcium, and help ward off colds – and possibly even cancer – by boosting disease fighting immunity.

As beneficial as bananas can be, there are dangers associated with consuming too many of them. According to experts at Med-Health, over indulging in bananas can lead to problems such as headaches caused by too many amino acids, nausea or an irregular heartbeat from too much potassium and nerve damage caused by too much vitamin B6.

Experts advise that two bananas per day provide sufficient nutrients and calories for the average individual. When calculating the exact number of bananas an individual can eat per day, individuals should consider factors such as height, weight and general overall health status.