Who Manufactures Tracker Boats and Trailstar Trailers?

Tracker Marine Group manufactures Tracker boats and trailers, as of 2015. It formerly sold Tracker trailers under the name Trailstar. Trailstar International sells Trailstar dump trailers, unrelated to boating.

Besides Tracker and Sun Tracker, Tracker Marine Group builds the Nitro, Mako, Tahoe, Regency and Ascend brands. The Tracker line produces aluminum crafts for fishing, hunting and pleasure boating. It integrates manufacturing methods such as Lean Sigma, robotics and plasma cutting tools to integrate hull, stringer and transom into a single welded system. The company mitigates trailer safety issues by specifications suited to each particular model.

Tracker Marine Group uses several materials to increase quality. Its Tracker Diamond Coat powder finish outlasts liquid marine paint by a factor of 20. Injected foam insulation ensures a quiet, stable ride. Marine-grade aluminum alloyed with magnesium prevents corrosion. Tracker’s Galvashield five-layer finish protects its trailers.