How Do You Manually Open a Bosch Front-Load Washer?

If a Bosch front-loading washer is stuck closed, the door is opened manually using the door-release cord hidden behind an access panel in the washer. Push a pointed object into the hole in the panel, rotate it clockwise to remove it and access the manual release cord.

After attempting to open the washer manually, some troubleshooting steps are available to diagnose the problem. First, if the door latch is broken, it does not open, close or lock properly and requires replacement in order for the door to function properly in the

Sometimes the sensors for the door lock do not function properly. To check for this, reset the appliance, and allow it to run a full cycle. The mechanism may release after the cycle is complete.

The door hinge can be hindered by foreign objects. If the door only opens or closes partway, check the hinge for objects such as broken buttons or thick concentrations of lint. Removing these obstructions helps the door function correctly, if they are present.

When all else fails, it is time to contact a repair professional to examine the washing machine. Attempting to do manual repairs to the electrical systems or other complex components carries a risk that these professionals are trained for.