How Do You Make Xfinity Your Homepage?

To change a browser’s homepage to Xfinity’s website, open the browser and navigate to the settings or menu page. From there, replace the browser’s default homepage with Xfinity’s website.

To access the settings page in Mozilla Firefox, click the menu icon (indicated by three horizontal lines on top of one another), then click the Options button. Change the homepage in the Startup label in the General Tab. Alternatively, change Firefox’s homepage by visiting Xfinity’s website. Then, drag and drop Xfinity’s tab onto the Homepage button and confirm that you want to set Xfinity’s website as the new homepage.

To change the homepage in Google Chrome, click the menu icon, which is located beside the address bar. In the settings page, check the Show Home button box under the Appearance label. After checking the box, a Change link appears (under the Show Home button), wherein you can change the browser’s homepage.

To change the homepage in Internet Explorer 11, click the tools button (denoted by a gear icon), then select Internet Options from the menu. Set Xfinity’s website as the new homepage under the General tab. Click the Apply or OK button to save the new settings.

To ensure that the homepage has been changed, close the browser and then reopen it. Xfinity’s website should automatically load immediately after the browser has been opened.