How Do I Make My Pink Laundry White Again?

If a red item of clothing has bled in the laundry and turned the other items pink, the excess color is removed by using oxygen based bleach. Chlorine bleach should not be used, according to Laundry. The color removal process works best if the laundry has not yet gone through the dryer.

Once the red item has been pulled out of the laundry, the affected clothing should be rewashed with ordinary laundry detergent and one cup of oxygen based bleach. This often removes the pink tinge.

For laundry that has already been dried or that has been affected by a strong dye, washing is often not enough. It needs to be soaked. The pink laundry must be completely covered in a solution of cool water and oxygen based bleach. The bleach container has instructions for proportions of bleach and water. For best results, allow the laundry to soak for eight hours. If the color has been removed, the laundry can be rewashed with ordinary detergent.

If the pink color still remains after soaking the garment, the clothes must be removed from the bleach solution. The laundry is then placed in a fresh mixture of cool water and bleach; and, it is left to soak for another eight hours. After this, the clothes are laundered as usual.