How Do You Make a Paper Mache Mountain?

Jam A/CC-BY 2.0

To make a paper mache mountain, a plastic cup should be taped upside down to the work surface; the cup should be covered by crumpled newspaper balls on the bottom for a base, and strips of newspaper dipped in paper mache paste should be added in layers to the sides of the mountain. The layers should be allowed to dry before the next layer is applied to the mountain.

Step 1: Create the paper mache

Paper mache is usually made out of a one-to-one flour and water mixture. Heat the flour and water on low to allow them to combine.

Step 2: Cut newspaper into strips

Cut the strips in advance to ensure that the project will move quickly. Strips should be around 1 inch longer than the height of the cup.

Step 3: Dip and remove excess

Dip the strips into the mixture and remove any excess adhesive by running the thumb and the forefinger down the strip. Excess should be removed to prevent buildup and reduce drying time.

Step 4: Apply and smooth

Gently smooth the strips to prevent them from ripping. Allow some wrinkles to remain to help make the mountain more realistic.

Step 5: Dry and paint

It usually takes a few hours for the paper mache to be able to dry, but once it has dried, more strips can be applied. Once all of the strips have dried, the mountain can be painted.