How Do You Make Paper Mache Masks?

To make paper mache masks, use aluminum foil to make a mold of your face, and gently apply several layers of newspaper strips to the mold using paper mache paste. Allow the paper strips to dry completely, cut holes for the eyes, and attach an elastic band. Finally, paint and decorate the mask as desired.

To make a mold using aluminum foil, fold a piece of foil that is twice the size and length of your face into half, and press it over your face so that it takes the required shape. To maintain the shape created, stuff newspaper on the mold’s reverse side. To create ears and nose, attach more pieces of foil shaped appropriately.

Begin making the paper mache by tearing newspapers to make strips with a width of 1 to 2 inches and length of 4 to 8 inches. Stick the strips over the foil mold layer by layer. Do not press the mold too hard when applying the newspaper strips, as this can deform its shape. Add around four or five newspaper strip layers in this manner.

After the strips dry, carefully create holes for the eyes on the mask. To attach an elastic band to the mask, make smaller holes at the ear region on both sides of the mask, and attach the elastic through them. Ensure that the length of the elastic band used allows the mask to fit comfortably on your head.

Finally, paint the mask in the desired colors using water-based paints, and affix feathers, beads, buttons, hair, glitter and fur as per your preference.