How Do You Make a Paper Mache Cast?

Erin Patrice O’Brien/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To make a paper mache cast, first wrap your leg in plastic. Next, soak newspaper strips in a paste that is one part flour to two parts water. Wrap them around your leg in thick layers and wait for the strips to dry completely.

  1. Prepare the paper mache

    Mix a paper mache paste using two parts water to one part flour. Stir it carefully to eliminate all flour lumps. Cut a variety of long newspaper strips and set them aside. Use a thick stack of newspapers to ensure that your cast is thick enough.

  2. Prepare your leg

    Put on several thick pairs of thick, tall socks. Multiple layers allow you to slide the cast off. Cover the socks with two layers of plastic wrap. Pull the wrap tight without compressing the sock layers. Spray the plastic wrap with cooking spray or rub it down with a thin layer of oil.

  3. Build the paper mache cast

    Dip a newspaper strips into the paper mache paste, coating it completely. Starting at the ankle, wrap the strip around the plastic wrap diagonally. Move down your foot, overlapping each strip until you reach the toe. Do the same up your leg until you reach the top of the plastic. Rest your leg on a chair so the wet cast is not touching the wood, and allow the first layer to dry completely. Add additional layers until the cast is thick enough.