How to Make Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo pants can be made from A-line maxi skirts. The crotch area is marked at mid-thigh level of the skirt. Then, the skirt is spread on a flat surface and cut and this material is sewed after pinning the area to be sewn with pins.

Palazzo pants are made by selecting an appropriate maxi skirt of suitable fabric and fitting. The area for crotch is marked and then cut carefully through the midline before being sewed into these wide-legged pants. The step-by-step process is as follows:

Step 1: Select an appropriate skirt

Select a maxi skirt with A-line fitting for making Palazzo pants. As these pants are wide-legged, maxi skirts with pencil fitting are not used. Ensure that the fabric is cotton, denim or wool.

Step 2: Mark the crotch area

Palazzo pants are baggy, so it is preferable to mark the crotch area at mid-thigh level of the skirt. This would ensure that the seat of pants are sufficiently roomy.

Step 3: Cut the skirt for making pants

Turn the skirt inside out and place it on a flat surface for the purpose of cutting. Mark the mid-bottom of the skirt, and then start cutting from this point to the point where the crotch is marked. Cut it slowly with a pair of scissors.

:Step 4: Stitch the piece of material into pants

The area that needs to be stitched must be pinned with needles. This serves as a guide to sewing it correctly. This material can be sewn with a sewing machine or stitched with needles and thread. Ensure that you select a thread whose color matches the fabric.