How Do You Make a Notary Letter?

A notarized letter serves as an authoritative document for important transactions, such as a deed or a lease. The notary letter should begin with the sender’s address and name aligned on the right side, while the recipient’s name and address follow on the left, the main body of the letter comes next and, finally, enough space for signatures of all parties.

  1. Write your address and the recipient’s

    A notary letter should be addressed in the same format of any letter: the sender’s address information on the right side of the page, followed by the recipient’s information on the left. On the next line, it is important to include the date of when the letter was sent.

  2. Detail the reason for the letter

    In the main body of the letter, begin by addressing the recipient, and provide concise and factual information regarding the purpose of the notary letter. The letter should be no longer than two paragraphs. It is also important to include all important details, such as dates and full names, if applicable.

  3. Have a notary public sign the letter

    After you sign the letter, it is important to leave space beneath for the notary public. This space must be clearly marked and may include formal wording. Along with a notary public signature, you must include his name, title, county and state.