How Do I Make Mozilla Firefox My Homepage?

Use the drag-and-drop method to make Mozilla Firefox your homepage. Though you can set a new default homepage in the Options menu, this method keeps you on the current tab without having to sift through multiple menus.

  1. Navigate to the Mozilla Firefox homepage

    Type the Mozilla Firefox address into the URL text field, and press Enter. Depending on your network connection, it may take a few moments to load the page. Wait for the page to load completely before moving to the next step, as the browser can freeze while performing multiple tasks.

  2. Drag and drop the tab

    Hover your cursor over the tab at the top of the browser. Click the tab, making sure not to let go of the mouse button. Next, drag and drop the tab on the Homepage icon beside the Google search bar. If you do not see the icon, click the Menu button, which resembles three stacked lines, and click Customize. Look for a house icon, and drag it to your toolbar.

  3. Confirm the action

    After releasing the mouse button, confirm the action in the new pop-up dialog box. Click the Yes button to make Mozilla Firefox your default homepage. Close and reopen your browser to test the results.