How Do I Make My Laptop Wireless Enabled?

Yahoo/CC-BY 2.0

Enable a wireless connection by pushing a hardware button on the device and then activating the computer’s wireless software on Microsoft Windows laptops. After the wireless hardware is ready, select a wireless connection from the menu of choices.

  1. Find the wireless button

    Locate the hardware button on your laptop, which may be near the function keys towards the top of the keyboard, or find it along the edges of the laptop’s casing. Push the button, and then a small light appears that indicates your wireless hardware is ready.

  2. Change your software

    If you have Windows 8, go to your computer’s Network and Sharing Center. Select the option for Change on the Task pane for adapter settings, then right-click on Wi-Fi and choose Enable. On Windows 7 computers select Start Menu, followed by Control Panel and then Network and Internet, to access the Network and Sharing Center. Choose the word Change on the Task pane for adapter settings. Right-click Wireless Network Connection and select Enable.

  3. Pick a wireless connection

    Right-click the wireless icon towards the bottom of the laptop screen and select View Available Wireless Networks. Choose an unsecured or secured network. Additional login information may be required, such as accepting terms and conditions on an unsecured connection or typing a network key for a secure connection. Your laptop is now ready to view websites and Web pages.