How Do You Make a Homemade Tooth Filling?


For anyone who can’t get to a dentist right away, a homemade filling can provide temporary relief, according to WebMD. If a filling does fall out, try to keep the piece if you can to later show the dentist. Restorative materials used for temporary fillings are sold over-the-counter. These temporary fixes last about 48 hours, so you still need to visit a dentist pretty quickly.

The products Dentemp and Temparin can both be used to cover a tooth’s surface, according to Warren Scherer, DDS, chairman of the department of general dentistry at New York University’s College of Dentistry.

A cap that falls out can be temporarily put back in place by cleaning it thoroughly and mixing a thick paste of corn starch and petroleum jelly. Once the paste is placed in the crown, bite down until the restoration is seated. Wipe away any excess glue. You can fill the tooth with wax or sugarless gum as a temporary means as well, according to WebMD.

A filling doesn’t typically come loose unless something is wrong, according to Dr. Gary L. Sandler on HealthTap. Usually, recurrent decay under or surrounding the restoration is the cause for the problem. In some cases, the filling breaks off because of wear-and-tear on the tooth. If an adjacent tooth comes off, then a filling can fall out as well. Your dentist will determine if the tooth should be refilled or if a restoration, such as a crown, should be made.