How Do You Make Homemade Armor All?

Simon Potter/Cultura/Getty Images

A five-minute recipe for making homemade Armor All calls for baby oil, Dawn dish soap, water and a spray bottle to apply the mixture to tires and car interior. The baby oil is the key ingredient, and you can make four spray bottles of homemade Armor All with one large bottle of dollar-store baby oil.

Begin by rinsing out an old spray bottle, then add 1 cup of any type of baby oil, 1/3 cup water and 2 to 3 drops of Dawn dish soap. If you are using a larger spray bottle and need to make more, simply increase the amount of ingredients and stick to the same proportions: 1 part baby oil, 1/3 part water and 2-3 drops dish soap for every 1 part baby oil. Shake the bottle before using.

Never apply your homemade Armor All directly to interior vinyl. Instead, dampen a soft lint-free cloth with the oil, and rub it into the vinyl in a circular motion. Also avoid applying the mixture to a steering wheel, as this can cause it to become slippery and unsafe. After you have applied the homemade Armor All to a surface, use a clean, dry cloth to polish it up and absorb any extra oils.