How Do You Make Gold Paint?

Gold paint is made by mixing shades of yellow paint with other colors. There are several options for mixing gold paint, depending on the shade of gold desired.

Gold paint can be purchased, but mixing the color offers the option of creating a variety of shades. One way to create gold paint is to mix black and white paint to make gray, then mix the gray paint with yellow. Another option is to mix red, blue and yellow paint to get brown, then add the brown to the yellow paint to create a darker gold. A third combination to mix is yellow, orange and brown; for a lighter golden hue, one can add white to this combination, or black for a darker golden hue.

Popular shades of base yellow include lemon yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow and burnt sienna. Adding a small amount of blue to these shades darkens the gold color, but it is important to use caution when adding, as including too much blue with yellow yields green.

To achieve a metallic gold sheen, one can add a metallic mineral powder, such as silver sparkle, gold sparkle or aluminum oxide, to gold paint. Adding water and metallic mineral powder to the paint mixture ensures it does not clump or clot.