How Do You Make Duplicate Car Keys?

Bertrand Demee/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

To make duplicate car keys, take the original key to a local hardware store to have the key laser cut and duplicated, order a replacement key from the manufacturer or dealer or contact a roadside assistance or key making company to custom duplicate car keys. Duplicate keys must be processed or crafted by professional key makers.

  1. Determine the key type

    Look up the key type in the vehicle’s owner manual to determine if it is a basic key without security features, a fob with automatic keyless entry or a laser cut or switchblade key. Since the 1990s, manufacturers have begun crafting keys with security enhanced features, chips and remote components that make duplicating a key much more challenging for consumers. Therefore, depending on the type of key, a replacement may need to be ordered versus duplicating an existing key.

  2. Visit a hardware store

    To duplicate a key without any security chips or features, take the key to a local hardware store to have it cut to match the existing key. The hardware specialist makes a duplicate by matching the key type to a generic key and cutting the specifications with machinery designed to craft car keys.

  3. Purchase a duplicate from the manufacturer

    To duplicate car keys with advanced technology or security chips, request a duplicate at a car dealership or order a duplicate from the manufacturer. Consumers can place key orders online by entering the vehicle identification number and proof of ownership. In addition, a phone call to the manufacturer provides information on how to have a key shipped or picked up after it is duplicated.