How Do I Make Comcast My Homepage?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Make Comcast your homepage by editing the settings or options in your browser. Enter the url for the Comcast home page in the set home page location box and save the changes.

People using Firefox start by selecting Tools from the top menu to reveal a dropdown list. Select Options from the list to update the settings. The Home Page Locations field is located in the General Tab.

In the Chrome browser, users must click the settings icon located on the browsers top toolbar, then select the Settings option. In the box labled On Startup, select the Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages Option. Click Set Pages and enter the Comcast url. Finally, click OK to save the changes.

In the Safari browser, users must select Preferences from the dropdown list in the top menu. The Home Page field is located in the General tab of the Preferences box.

People using Internet Explorer 7.0 should start by going to the Comcast website. Once the page has loaded, click the dropdown arrow next to the Home button. Select Add or Change Home Page. Users have the option to use Comcast as their only home page or to add Comcast to their list of home page tabs. If more than one tab is open in the browser, the entire set of tabs, including Comcast may be set as the home page. Click Yes to save.