How Do You Make a Link Clickable?

Make a link clickable in a webpage by using the anchor HTML tag to form a hyperlink, which begins with an open tag and an operator to specify the destination URL within the first tag and a second closed anchor tag at the end. A hyperlink also requires link text outside of the tags, in between the open and closed tags, that controls how the clickable link appears in the document.

The process of creating a hyperlink involves the use of the anchor HTML tag, which appears in code as the letter “a.” This sends a message to the browser that the contents of the tags are an anchoring point that connects to another destination on the Internet. Within the first anchor tag, known as the open tag, is a hypertext reference value that specifies the exact location of the outside website. This text conveys the destination of the link and is what allows it to be clickable.

The hypertext reference value also includes an equal sign to control its exact value and the URL of the website within a set of quotation marks, making the code appear as href=””. After completing the open tag, the user needs to add in the link text immediately after the section so that webpage displays the text as a clickable link. After typing in the text, the code needs a closed anchor tag, which appears as a forward slash before the letter “a.”