How Do You Make Christmas Lights Twinkle?

mwalker973/iStock/Getty Images

It’s easy to turn a string of non-blinking Christmas lights into a string of festive twinkling lights. To reduce the risk of shock, Lowes emphasizes always unplugging any string of lights before replacing the bulbs.

  1. Untangle and straighten the unplugged string of non-blinking lights

    If you are working on multiple strings of lights, lay the strings side by side.

  2. Find the bulb that is closest to the end of the string that plugs into the electrical socket

    Remove this bulb from the light string, and set the bulb aside.

  3. Replace the removed non-blinking bulb with a blinking bulb

    Most strings of non-blinking bulbs come with one or more blinking bulbs included. Non-blinking bulbs look similar to blinking bulbs; however, the blinking bulbs have red or silver paint at their tips. Blinking bulbs can be purchased separately if necessary.

  4. Test the light string

    After adding the blinking bulb, plug in the light string. Within several seconds, the lights should start blinking. If only half of the lights blink, you have a string of lights with two circuits. To create an entire string of blinking bulbs, remove the bulb next to the last light that is blinking on the string, and replace it with a blinking bulb.