How Do You Make Bob Ross’ Liquid White?

To make Bob Ross’ liquid white, use liquid white to blend oil-based paints on a canvas, similar to the wet-on-wet method used by popular painter Bob Ross. The mixture combines oil, paint thinner and white pigment.

  1. Mix the substance

    Make your own liquid white by combining a bright, white paint with your favorite type of painting oil, and thin the mixture with turpentine. Store the substance in an air-tight container to prevent evaporation.

  2. Test your mixture

    Lightly cover your canvas with your version of liquid white. Turpentine in the mixture makes liquid white dry faster. If you want the substance to remain wetter for longer periods, use less turpentine or none at all. See how your homemade mixture works as you paint. Alter your homemade recipe until you discover the right mix that fits your needs.

  3. Substitute ingredients

    Try other substances if your ingredients do not work. Some oil painters mix the shade titanium white with linseed oil and Liquin. Other painters simply dilute white paint with linseed oil until they achieve the right texture. Liquid white lightens the colors you use, so consider using liquid clear to prevent color dilution.

  4. Buy the actual product

    Order the actual product from the Bob Ross website. Liquid white thins out other paints, so you can paint over thicker paints already on the canvas.