How Do You Make a Blushing Face Using Text?

William Andrew/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

There are various ways to create a blushing face with text. Some examples are: =^_^= (This uses equal signs for blushing and arrows for upturned eyes.) :-*> (The asterisk represents red cheeks.) :”> (Quotation mark represents blushing cheeks.) =^} (The bracket shows the embarrassed smile.).

Text emoticons used for blushing or embarrassment vary depending on the symbols used for eyes, mouth and the blush.

Social media sites like Facebook have incorporated graphical emoticons that can appear in chat or messages to other users. These emoticons can be generated by a text string with the blushing smiley created by typing: [[blushingsmile]]. A variety of smileys or symbols can be created using these pre-set text commands.