How Do You Make Blank Spreadsheets With Microsoft Excel?

To make blank spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel, open a new spreadsheet and format the rows and columns to your specific needs using the tools on the formatting bars above the document. To print the blank spreadsheet, find the Print tab in the file drop-down list. Otherwise, save the spreadsheet for future use in a designated folder using a file name that is easily recognizable.

After opening Excel and starting a new document, navigate to the Page Layout tab at the top of the window. Click on the Sheet Options tab and then the Gridlines section. Click on the Print option to make the page breaks appear on the blank spreadsheet. Start creating the chart you need for the blank spreadsheet at the first cell in the first row and column, or cell A1. Create a header space or a series of subject boxes across the first row, as needed.

Using the formatting tools, you can resize cells, rows and columns or merge cells together. Other options include adding calculations into specific cells for numeric information. Format the text in each cell or by highlighting several cells and setting one format for all of them. Adjust alignment or wrap text in each cell for future information input. Set the print area for a page under the Page Area tab, in the Print Area section, to keep a consistent page size every time.