How Do You Make an Asurion Cell Phone Insurance Claim for Verizon Phones?

File an Asurion cell phone insurance claim for a Verizon device by visiting, choosing Verizon from the list of providers and clicking the Start a Claim button, as of 2015. also contains a mobile insurance claims section powered by Asurion, which supports claim filing as well.

In order to initiate the Asurion claim process for a Verizon phone, you need to have an Asurion plan in good standing. This means that the account can’t be suspended or under review due to a failure to pay premiums or cancelled. The claim filing process walks you through the steps necessary to submit a full claim, starting with a description of the damage to the phone. Include as much information as possible about the model of the phone along with the current condition, such as cracks on the screen or missing components. Also include information about your Asurion account and Verizon account in this step.

Next, you need to include documentation of the damage, such as pictures, along with filling out the necessary forms to track the damage and verify your identity. After submitting all the necessary information, you must wait for approval on the claim. If Asurion approves your claim, it sends you a replacement phone within a few business days. The final step in the process is paying your deductible online.