What Are the Major Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women?

Denis Kartavenko/E+/Getty Images

Some of the major symptoms of heart attack in women include chest pain and discomfort; pain that is present in the arm, neck and jaw; and stomach pain, WebMD states. It is important to note that heart attack symptoms are not always classic in women.

Unlike men, women may experience heart attack pain anywhere in the chest, according to WebMD. It may also feel like a squeezing or full sensation, or like someone is tightening a vise. Women are more likely to experience pain that radiates into the arms than men are, and it is not always in the left arm. This pain can come and disappear, and it may wake women up at night. Stomach pain is another common sign, and it may feel as if a large object is pressing on the abdomen.

Other signs of a heart attack in women include shortness of breath and sweating, WebMD claims. The sweat is cold, unlike exertion-related sweat that is warm. Some women may feel as if it is a nervous sweat. People who do feel out of breath may feel like they have engaged in strenuous activities, even though they have done very little at all. Similarly, the patient may feel extremely tired.