What Are the Major Holidays of Confucianism?

The two major holidays of Confucianism are the birthday of Confucius and the Chinese New Year. The dates of these holidays follow the lunar calendar. In 2014, the New Year was celebrated on January 31 and Confucius’ birthday was celebrated on September 20.

While not specific to Confucianism, the Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday. The New Year is celebrated during the New Moon in Aquarius, which is late January to mid-February. Families get together to enjoy meals of dumplings and to exchange red envelopes with money.

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher born more than 2,500 years ago. He is one of the most influential people in Chinese philosophy. Followers of Confucianism practice the Five Virtues of justice, wisdom, charity, loyalty and propriety. His birthday is celebrated each year on the 27th day of the eighth lunar month.