What Is the Major Conflict in the Book “Stargirl?”

The main conflict in the novel “Stargirl” is between the female lead, Susan “Stargirl” Caraway, and her classmates at Mica Area High School. Stargirl’s nonconformist personality leads to confusion and conflict among her teenage peers who prize acceptance.

“Stargirl” is a novel by Jerry Spinelli. According to BookRags, Stargirl’s story is narrated by her classmate and admirer Leo Borlock. New student Stargirl is initially an outsider due to her odd clothes and unusual habits, including singing “Happy Birthday” to schoolmates on an ukulele. A short career as a cheerleader temporarily lends her more popularity, but soon she and her now-boyfriend Leo begin to be shunned again. Stargirl is never totally accepted by her peers and is last seen on the night of the school dance, when she is slapped by another girl. Stargirl moves away after the dance without telling anyone.