What Are Mainframe Computers Used For?

Mainframe computers are used to store large amounts of data that wouldn’t fit into a normal-sized computer system. Mainframe computers are most often used by large corporations and government agencies that require a large amount of information to be stored in a centralized secure location. They are named after the large cabinets that were needed to house them when they were physically large.

Mainframe computers are different from personal computers because they allow a large amount of data to be stored without the need for external hardware. Personal computers are able to store a large amount of data for personal and most business usage, but they run out of space after they reach their data capacity. Information is often lost when there is a lower amount of storage available. The benefits to a mainframe computer being used with a larger corporation is that information will not be lost due to a minimal amount of space, which is a common problem in personal computers. Mainframe computers are different from network systems because the information is stored in a centralized location rather than in a network system. They are different from cloud storage options because the information is physically stored instead of being simply stored in an area that does not exist in a physical world.